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You will be making a Christmas wreath made up of a variety of festive designs; you can create your own individual design or copy the original; please bring the following:
* Basic sewing kit – scissors, needles, pins etc.

* Pencil or pen for marking fabric and card

* Card for making templates (recycled cereal box is fine)

* Selection of co-ordinating plain and patterned fabrics for your project; as most of the shapes will be small make sure your fabrics have smaller scale patterns; bring at least 4-6 fat quarters. It is also a good idea to bring some cream/beige cotton or calico as that works well in Christmas projects. Red/Green checks and plaids also work well in festive designs.

* Bring your scrap bag of fabrics which can always be useful

* Threads to match fabrics

* Polyester stuffing

* If you include angels in your design then bring some scraps of wool – white, cream or beige for angel hair

* Buttons, beads and embellishments will be an important part of the design but you will not need these till the very end which could be completed at home.

* You will need a 12” wide wire wreath; I will have a supply for purchase if you are unable to source (£2 each). You will need long strips of fabric 2-3” wide to cover the wire so make sure you include a large piece (fat quarter metre should be enough).It is possible to use scraps which can be sewn together.

This project can be sewn by hand but machine sewn work will give quicker & stronger results.