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This workshop is fun, friendly and suitable for complete beginners. You’ll make two upcycled leather travel journals. Each journal contains notebooks held in place with elastic cord, they can be taken out and replaced as you fill them up. Great for travelling but also for anyone who likes to stay organised.

You’ll start in the morning by using pamphlet stitch to make three notebooks to fit a passport size journal with a wraparound cover (this will introduce you to all the basic techniques). In the afternoon session you’ll be learning more techniques and constructing a larger and more complex journal. You can personalise this with pockets or perhaps a pen holder.

You’ll learn the following skills during the workshop:

  • Finding the grain of paper
  • Folding the paper to make notebooks, using a bone folder
  • Making templates and using an awl to make the paper holes
  • Sewing the notebooks with pamphlet stitch
  • Choosing your leather (it will be pre-cut)
  • Using a Japanese Screw Punch to cut holes in the leather
  • Stringing the leather cover with elastic
  • Making pockets/pen holders
  • Incorporating the features of the recycled leather into your design.

At the end of the workshop you’ll go home with two stunning travel journals with wraparound leather covers, as well as some refills. You’ll have the bookmaking and leatherworking skills to make more at home.